A Mad Christmas

The holiday season has come and gone, passing us by like it does every year while leaving our homes wrecked with enough shredded wrapping paper and gift bags to fill five dump trucks.  Our bodies become overwhelmed with the intense and abusive caloric intake of deviled eggs, egg nogg, cookies, apple pies, overcooked turkey, booze, … More A Mad Christmas

Yanks In York

My girlfriend and I recently returned from a vacation to Europe. The first stop after landing in London was York, a city in northern England. There we visited a dungeon, went on an entertaining ghost tour, enjoyed the pubs amidst the old medieval buildings, and bludgeoned our friends with a plastic axe. York is a … More Yanks In York

No Magic Potion For Weight Loss

We’ve all wondered if there is a special pill or magic potion for near-instant and miraculous weight loss.  We’ve all seen those infomercials at 3:43 a.m.  Those same infomercials that will offer solutions to problems we never really had, and probably still don’t, like a remote-controlled discrete testicle scratcher, an intercontinental ballistic plunger, or a … More No Magic Potion For Weight Loss