I am M.A.D. Hagan, and welcome to my life of incredible madness.

In the spring of 2020, with the world shut down and finding myself with extra time on my hands from being laid off, I decided to take up blogging. I write mainly stories from my life, with a few insights from my experiences, all with heaping piles of silliness.

I am a history lover, science fiction and fantasy nerd, sometimes cartoonist (occasionally doodling), US Navy veteran, writer, musician, traveler, an Indiana Jones wannabe, and a dork. Sometimes all of the above simultaneously.

You may be asking yourself, “Who the fuck blogs anymore?” Well, I guess me. And a few others. I hope that you can at least take away one thing from this site…a little laughter and a little wisdom.

All written work here is copyright by me, M.A.D. Hagan, and cannot be reprinted without my express permission and attribution. You are welcome to share my posts, but please link back, credit and/or attribute to me accordingly.