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Traffic Needs An Enema

Since I started my new job a few months ago I’ve had to go back to doing something that everyone hates.  Yet everyone in America has no choice but to participate in this soul-sucking task.  No, I’m not talking about going to the DMV.  This time.  I’m talking about commuting in weekday traffic.  The traffic … More Traffic Needs An Enema

Dispatches From Armageddon

It’s the Summer of 2022 and this is the first writing I’ve done here in a while.  In the past two years it seems many Armageddon-worthy events happened.  The dastardly pandemic continued to spread like a California wildfire.  The entire US west coast and parts of Europe were engulfed in a California wildfire. A plague … More Dispatches From Armageddon

The Battle of Independence Day

This past Saturday was Independence Day in the United States.  Or, as Americans refer to it in their local vernacular, the day of barbeques, beer, high-powered explosives, beer, blown off fingertips, a drunk Florida man putting a saddle on a gator, beer, sparkler sword fights, beer, and FREEEEEEEDDDDOOOOMMM!  And maybe some eagles and shit.  Independence … More The Battle of Independence Day

Grocery Shopping In The Apocalypse

I went to the grocery store last night to gather the usual apocalypse supplies of almond flour, coconut flour, apple cider vinegar, and jalapeno-flavored pork rinds.  As one does.  What am I making with that stuff?  I could be making Keto bread rolls.  I could be recreating a type of industrial-strength spackle used by the … More Grocery Shopping In The Apocalypse

The Books Of My Father

Recently my Grandma mailed me my father’s books from Oklahoma.   You see, in early January, only two days after my relationship ended, I received the phone call that no one wants to get.  On a Thursday, my Grandma called to inform me that my father had died just that morning.  Basically it was a … More The Books Of My Father

No Magic Potion For Weight Loss

We’ve all wondered if there is a special pill or magic potion for near-instant and miraculous weight loss.  We’ve all seen those infomercials at 3:43 a.m.  Those same infomercials that will offer solutions to problems we never really had, and probably still don’t, like a remote-controlled discrete testicle scratcher, an intercontinental ballistic plunger, or a … More No Magic Potion For Weight Loss

Understanding a Book Lover

I went to a used bookstore today.  It’s been several months since I, and likely many of us, have been able to do so.  The store requires you to wear a mask while inside, and that was no trouble.  In fact, I think it could be fun to get a Cthulhu mask or a Luchadore … More Understanding a Book Lover


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